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We hand carve all of our creations to ensure their uniqueness and your satisfaction! Contact us below for any questions you may have: www.africarve.co.za +27 39 311 2131 info@africarve.co.za

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From Family Crests to Pivot Doors, Solid Wooden Tables and more, we hand carve all of our products to ensure their uniqueness! +27 39 311 2131 info@africarve.co.za www.africarve.co.za

Looking to liven up your home once the lockdown has ended…

From beautiful hand carved Family Crests to Murals, Church Furnishings and more, we can carve any exclusive solid doors and design exotic doors in any size! Visit our website to view some of our previous creations and send us an email to find out how we can design the unique piece for your home or […]

Looking to add a touch of authenticity and beauty to your Church…

We can hand carve your buildings Front Doors, Church Pews, Bishop Chairs, Church – Christening Stands and Pulpits. We are also able to carve your own unique design, so why not send us your design via our website www.africare.co.za TODAY for a quote! You can also call us on +27 39 311 2131/+27 82 577 […]

Wildlife in your blood….

Why not add a beautifully Wildlife Design to your front door or business entrance. View our website on www.africarve.co.za and have a look what African Wildlife Animal stands out for you OR send us your preferred design and we will send you a quote. info@africarve.co.za +27 39 311 2131/+27 82 577 6894.

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Wood is strong, very economical and when hand craved makes a beautiful addition to your home. From round, square to beautifully long rectangular wooden tables, the choice is yours! View our website on www.Africarve.co.za to see what we can offer you, or call us on +27 39 311 2131/+27 82 577 6894.

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All our wooden gates are designed to meet your requirements and manufactured to add value and warmth to your home. View our designs on our website on www.Africarve.co.za , or call us on +27 39 311 2131/+27 82 577 6894.